Cozy socks with twisted pattern navy

99,95 kr.

These cozy socks are knitted with 35% wool and have a beautiful twisted pattern.

They have little plastic dots on the sole, that makes them fitted to use indoor instead of home shoes.

They come in a one size corresponding to sizes 36-39 and are available in the colors white, black, navy blue, pink and mustard.

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Cozy socks with twisted pattern navy
99,95 kr.

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Nordic wool is considered to be of high quality, and has been used for knitting the traditional Norwegian patterns for many years.
The nordic wool is relatively coarse, resilient and robust and is suitable for use in yarn for hand or machine knitting or weaving of blankets and upholstery fabric. Wool is biodegradable and a renewable resource. It does not need to be washed in the same way as other fiber types and has a long life.